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lunch, not edits...

Went out with the Melbourne Mob for lunch yesterday, so not a whole lot was done in the way of editing. The mobbers are a fab group of published authors (they’re all single title or category romance writers–I’m the odd one out, as usual 😀 ) who get together every six weeks or so just to chat, share information, have a whinge–all that good sort of stuff. Why I’m actually mentioning this is because I was asked yesterday where I got my idea for the Loch Ness book. Now, this is a question all writers get asked time and again, but this is the first time I actually had an answer that stunned! 😀

The idea for the Loch Ness book came from…The Bourne Identity.

Yep, the link is obvious, isn’t it?


Well, he does come from the sea in the opening scene, after all…

Okay, okay, it’s a bit of a stretch, but my initial thought was, wouldn’t it be cool to write something like the Bourne Idenity from a female prospective. Have a woman with no memory, who could fight and kill but who couldn’t remember who or what she was. Or where she was. Hence the opening scene, with my heroine waking naked on the beach beside a dead man.

Of course, my muse never likes things absolutely straight forward, so paranormal elements starting creeping in, and suddenly the Loch Ness monster had become a major part of the book. I really have no idea why this happened. It’s just one of those unplanned things that makes complete sense when you start writing it down (but never makes sense when you try to explain it). The book has evolved a whole lot more since then, and really, hasn’t got a whole lot to do with the original idea. But that’s cool–it’s all part of the fun of writing.

But it just goes to show–a writer can find ideas from the strangest of places!

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