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UK & Ireland day 10

Today was the York to Norwich, Norfolk leg of the trip, and the highlight of the day was visiting Belton House, the house used for much of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (and yes, I did get a pic of Mr. Darcy’s desk and chair. Sadly, Mr. Darcy wasn’t to be seen anywhere). As you can imagine, I took lots of pics here, firstly because it was one of the few mansions where you could take pics inside, and secondly because it was bloody amazing!). So, here we go:

This urn was just in the courtyard entrance:

The grand entrance on the south side of the house leads into a marble hall, which in turn leads into a formal procession of rooms, including the saloon, which is the third pic:

P1000447 P1000449 P1000450

the mansion private chapel area:


a 17th century Italian cabinet that is worth well over a million pounds:


the blue bedroom and Mr. Darcy’s desk!

P1000455 P1000456

The hallway staircase and chandelier:

P1000457 P1000453

The library


the Queen’s bedroom, so called because Queen Adelaide used to regularly visit

P1000459 P1000465

The chinese bedroom

P1000462 P1000463

some of the ceilings in this place were amazing. Here’s one:


another staircase, with an amazing light:

The red drawing room:


and finally, the kitchen:

P1000480 P1000479

Outside pics, including a couple from the estate’s church:

P1000483 P1000482 P1000484 P1000486

We also stopped at briefly at Stamford, yet another pretty town we didn’t have enough time in. Here’s some pics:

P1000488 P1000498 P1000499

this is the hospital of William Browne Merchant that was built circa 1483, Nowadays it seems to be an old peoples home

P1000491 P1000492

Tomorrow we explore Norfolk!

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